Deep Cleaning Hotels

Why Use A Professional and Experienced Deep Cleaning Service?

Hotel rooms are cleaned after each guest, but how clean is clean and what does a typical housekeeping entail? Generally, hotel housecleaning entails changing the linens, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming the floor. In a large hotel, maids may be responsible for 15, 20, or even 30 rooms every day. Deep cleaning is essential for hotels to maintain a thorough, professional, and beautiful appearance.

During the summer months in Park City, or before crowds arrive for the busy season, it is the perfect time to deep clean each room beyond the typical housekeeping schedule. Depending on the occupancy in the hotel, deep cleaning should be provided at least twice a year.

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Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Of course, a freshly clean and well-kept room leads to guest satisfaction and repeat customers, but there are additional benefits of a semi-annual cleaning. Deep maintenance extends the life of your assets. Experts estimate that for each dollar you spend on maintenance, more than $25.00 can be saved on areas like carpet, furniture, window coverings, and appliances. They also play a key factor in property inspections, and increase productivity of hotel staff.

Outsourcing Deep Cleaning

For some hotels, they prefer to use their current housekeeping staff to accomplish the deep cleaning schedule for each season. While this may seem convenience, it might not be the best option. Deep cleaning requires strict attention to detail, and an already tired staff may miss items simply due to fatigue and over-time hours. Because the hotel staff is already busy with their regular assignments, deep cleaning may require overtime or additional staff, which adds up to, hidden costs.

While outsourcing the heavy work, it allows the regular staff to be more available to complete other work, and attend to the current needs of your guests. In addition, the on-site staff may not have the training or professional equipment necessary to complete the job effectively. By outsourcing seasonal deep cleans, you save on overhead by not purchasing the equipment and products you only need a few times a year. Hire workers with a keen eye for detail who are ambitious and motivated to get the job done quickly so you can continue to fill your hotel rooms with satisfied guests.

Park City Dry Cleaning

Park City Dry Cleaning provides superior deep cleaning services to high-end hotels who expect high-end results. We work to maintain an exceptional quality of work in the hospitality industry. Our unique experience gives us the unique ability to meet the needs of our customers with personalized offerings. Our employees are certified and professionally trained to use the most effective chemicals and equipment to make your rooms look like new for years to come. We provide you a responsible, reliable, and professional partner to take your hotel to the next level.

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