Restaurant Uniforms

The restaurant staff is the first impression your customers receive when they walk through the doors. Provide a clean and professional look with restaurant uniforms cleaned and pressed daily.

Chef Attire

Make sure your chefs look professional and presentable at all times. Our cleaning service ensures you have plenty of clean coats on hand so your chefs attire never appears messy or wrinkled.

Linen Cleaning

Keeping linens clean, stain-free, and on hand can be difficult for even the most efficient kitchen staff. Our linen rental and cleaning services ensure that each event is customized to your specific needs with a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

Meeting All Your F & B Needs

Whether you are serving a four-course meal, or simply refreshments, Park City Textiles ensures your linens and other food and beverage attire are both professional and beautiful for any event. Contact us for more information.

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